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    The design of the website can proceed from the following points:
    Design website logo (LOGO). LOGO refers to the logo of a website. The logo can be either Chinese or English letters, or symbols, patterns, etc. The originality of logo design should come from the name and content of the website. For example, the representative characters, animals and plants in the website can be used as the design blueprints, cartoonized or artistic; and the professional website can be marked by the representative articles of the profession. The most common and simplest way is to use the English name of your website as a sign. It is easy to make your own logo by using different fonts, letters'deformation and letters' combination.
    Design website color. The first impression of the website comes from visual impact. Different color combinations have different effects and may affect the mood of visitors. "Standard color" refers to the color that can reflect the image and extend the connotation of the website. It is used for the logo, title, main menu and main color block of the website. Give people a sense of unity as a whole. As for other colours, they can also be used, but they should only be used as ornaments and foils, and they must not compete with each other. Generally speaking, there are no more than three standard colors for a website, and too many are dazzling. The standard colors for web pages are: blue, yellow, orange, black, grey and white.
    Design website font. Like standard colors, standard fonts refer to special fonts used for logos, headings, and main menus. Generally speaking, the default font of web pages is Song Style. In order to reflect the site's "distinctive" and unique style, you can choose some special fonts according to your needs. Producers can choose more appropriate fonts according to the content of their website. It should be noted that the use of non-default fonts can only be in the form of pictures, because it is likely that the browser's computer does not install special fonts, then hard design and production may be lost.


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